Straight from the London stage and screen, Smythson presents Vanessa Kirby and James Norton as their brand ambassadors for 2016. Vanessa and James’s #SmythsonStories capture a moment in their multi-faceted lives, preparing for roles, getting into character and those rare moments of quiet so seldom found. Shot in a London townhouse by world-renowned photographer Paul Wetherell, the Spring 2016 campaign is a narrative of these two talented individuals.

Gracing the stages of some of London’s most celebrated theatres from the Old Vic to the National Theatre, Vanessa’s story is one of a portfolio of characters as dynamic as her person. Already a celebrated talent within British theatre, Vanessa Kirby emulates the same integrity, innovation and passion for excellence that is synonymous with the Smythson name.

From studying theology at Cambridge to travelling the wilds of Nepal and undertaking rigorous classical training at RADA, James Norton’s story is as rich and varied as the roles he plays. He lives a self-confessed frenetic life, cycling around London from rehearsal space to appointments to film set with bag in tow. With a true passion for his craft, James Norton shares our ethos of creativity, originality and British heritage.

#SmythsonStories tell the tales of extraordinary people leading extraordinary lives and the every day luxuries that they simply cannot live without.

Explore behind the scenes at the making of the Smythson Spring 2016 ad campaign with Vanessa and James.