Inspired by Japanese botanical art from the 18th century, the Fendi Fall 2016 collection explores new textures, soft silhouettes and bold embroidery with a romantic twist.

“Voltaire said, What needs an explanation is not worth explaining,” said Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld.

On the catwalk, there was a true kaleidoscope of patterns, colours, textures and small wave motifs representing the essence of the collection. “We don’t over-intellectualize—we just do!” declared Lagerfeld. “And we don’t suffer doing it!”

With thigh-high boots with undulating frills around the tops and the shoe uppers, and ruffled, yoked blouses and dresses, the collection was feminine. There were wavy stripes set into furs and printed on midi dresses. A short navy cocoon coat was cut into 3-D concentric circles, like ripples on a pond. Somewhere along the wavy line, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Lagerfeld started having fun, too, making costly pastel fox fur coats mimic the playful appearance of girly fake furs.

The Fendi Creative Directors present the Fall 2016 collection in an exclusive interview behind the scenes of the show.