Inspired by a painter’s eye and a sculptor’s craft, the new designs of the David Yurman Châtelaine collection exalt vivid gemstones in elegant diamond settings.

Chatelaine is the charm of the Château. A modern châtelaine is a muse, but she isn’t just someone to be observed from a distance; she’s a vital creator, an essential collaborator. She sets the tone and embodies the ideal, as an equal.

David’s wife, Sybil Yurman, is the châtelaine of the house. As a lifelong painter, she is its perfect muse, lending light and movement to gemstones in every variation of color. She brings the invisible and the radiance into David’s grasp.

“A muse allows you to listen to your dreams and make them come to life,” says Yurman. “Sybil is my muse, always.”

As a sculptor, David is a master of shape transforming Sybil’s pink tourmalines are but one example of their alette into timeless and elegant designs. These ultra-rare pink and mint hand-in-hand synergy.

Discover the new designs inspired by lifelong painter Sybil, David Yurman’s wife, a celebration of color and form.