This Spring, adidas Originals and Rita Ora have been charmed into the Asian Arena by the mythical allure of the Japanese geisha.

The willow of the east is known for strength, subtlety and grace has inspired a collection of both homage and recognition from Ora and the brand with three-stripes. Heritage street silhouettes are boldly restructured to nod to the wide arms of the classic kimono and the origami-esque structure of the obi. Using the graphic elements of three stripe taping, trefoils and straps to repeat themes of drapery and geisha style, Asian Arena fuses worlds with polished poetry. Oriental landscapes unfold on the Kimono all over print, undulating under the graceful flight of powerful cranes.

A hero reversible Souvenir Jacket pimps a classic American bomber with traditional Japanese motifs and calligraphy under bespoke geometric RO Kamon stamps. Footwear offers both form and function with enhanced sport and fashion lines. The versatile ZX FLUX NPS Up combines graphic print and integrated embroidery for a luxurious 3D finish, while key concept styles Tubular, ZX FLUX and Stan Smith use print placement to emphasize aesthetics and shape. Accessories also have an Eastern influence, with hats featuring stylized extra wide brims on bucket and visor styles and an obi inspired box backpack.

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