The Italian fashion house introduces the Prada Spring 2016 ‘Real Fantasies’ film with a three-dimensional and surreal vision of the brand’s Spring 2016 menswear and womenswear collections. The film is based on the graphic reinterpretation of the fashion show venue Indefinite Hangar.

Described as a “3 dimensional blank space,” the setting of the video seems locked in an endless sunset. Lithe models ride a train past a city of pure geometry, which morphs seamlessly into an unending picture window.

As every collection has themes and ideas inherent to the textures, colors, materials, shapes of the season’s looks, Prada Real Fantasies poetically illustrate these fantasies in its own worlds.

Prada together with AMO developed the Fantasy Lookbook for the first time in the season of Spring Summer 2007.

In December 2010 – Prada and director James lima introduced movement, animation and music to the Fantasy Lookbook. For director James Lima, the Real Fantasies deconstruct the vivid Prada collection, visually reconciling themes and attitudes. The characters and textures wander from scene to scene and the visuals themselves are peeled away exposing the layers of thought, inspiration, and creation.

Beginning from Spring Summer 2011, they have been named Real Fantasies.