Shop the interactive Longchamp Spring 2016 collection presentation featuring simple, free-flowing garments perfect for a warm breezy day and summer nights.

Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director of Longchamp, let the simple designs do their magic on the runway, without letting over-accessorizing get in the way. Matching the handbags directly to the outfit’s pattern showed a monochromatic look on the runway. The outfits were fresh and the handbags were interesting and stunning.

Longchamp is known for their handbags, and one iconic model in particular: Le Pliage. Large, fashionable, and often times vibrant, totes dominated the runway, holding the prospect of several uses for women everywhere. The key new items were the Le Pliage along with the Le Baronne, paired wiht a strappy sandal that was sexier than usual for the brand.

The standout pieces were the most straightforward; the contra-color popper-pocket shorts and skirts were supercute, as were the raw cut, fabric-lined leather bombers.