Philipp Plein continues his high-octane odyssey into the world of hip-rock, a modern day fusion of hip hop, heavy-metal, rock and rap that takes its genesis in the punk scene.

The designer collaborates once again with industry icon Steven Klein on his Spring 2016 ad campaign. With a focus on the futuristic and grungy elements of his mega production #PleinPunk fashion shows, Philipp Plein brings to life an abandoned, post-apocalyptic laboratory, complete with robot arms, strip lighting and Sci-Fi heroines.

For the Philipp Plein Spring 2016 ad campaign, The cast includes runway stars Hailey Baldwin, Ajak Deng and Pyper America Smith, joined by Lucky Blue Smith, who fronts the brand’s campaign for a second season.  Spikes, studs, chains and barbed wire: Philipp Plein’s futurist-punk collection pieces are accentuated by Klein’s signature play on light, colour and atmosphere. The result is bold, edgy and heralds a new era for the luxury brand.

The woman this season is bold, brash, and fearless, but the individualist core of punk gives her a cooler, edgier look. The mood comes from the street, but the clothes hail from a more luxurious place.