The Emporio Armani EA7 Winter 2015 collection features unparalleled sportswear with technical performance and unmistakeable style.

The spirit of sporting endeavour is shared by Giorgio Armani, who alongside a roster of impeccable, classic clothing has built up a stellar contingent of sporting pieces as part of his brand. And to demonstrate the might and muscle of his sports offering, at his autumn/winter 2015 Emporio Armani show he started proceedings with a laser light show during which models freewheeled across the catwalks in heat-insulating ski suits from EA7, his sportswear brand.

“EA7 represents the more technical aspect linked to performance in the Emporio Armani world while maintaining a strongly stylistic appearance,” Armani says. “Physical exercise is an integral part of my lifestyle, comprising a harmony between the body and clothing, between the person and the environment. I think that combining elegance and performance is the future of fashion. We all live busy lives: clothing with sports-based solutions, made with sartorial care, is true innovation.”

Watch as the Emporio Armani EA7 Winter collection get a dose of cold with this enticing and daring film.