The newly released Chanel ‘Once and Forever’ short film by Karl Lagerfeld features Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin as actresses preparing to star in a film as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel at different ages. Created in Paris this film also stars Jérémie Elkaïm, François Marthouret, Amanda Harlech, Jamie Bochert, Jake Davies, Baptiste Giabiconi and Laura Brown.

The film will premiere at Cinecittà and will coincide with the presentation of the Paris-Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’Art collection.

“The idea is this,” Lagerfeld explains about his latest film. “The final image of Chanel is not her youth, her lovers, her beauty—it’s the old lady.” While Chanel’s life and lovers are storied (her most famed, Boy Capel, died tragically in a car accident in 1919), he is, of course, absolutely right. The popular vision of Coco is not her great beauty, her Deauville stripes; it’s the old woman, in pearls and a hat. “It’s a visual impact you cannot miss,” he continues. “People who know the history of fashion know, but the public doesn’t see the woman, who she really was. That’s the story of the movie.”

Geraldine Chaplin will no doubt feel right at home, as this is the fourth time she’s played Coco Chanel in the designer’s films.

As a Chanel muse, Kristen is the face of the Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’art collection, the 11.12 bag of the handbag campaign in March 2015, the Spring-Summer 2015 Eyewear collection, and now, too, she will front the advertising campaign for the Paris-Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’art collection, which will be photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and unveiled in May 2016.