The link appears very early in the history of Chaumet, from its creation in 1780. It is part of the tradition of the Bijoux de Sentiments, romantic jewelry – intimate companions, bearers of secret messages, and the Lacs d’Amour – signs of true and enduring friendship, of sworn and therefore unfailing faith. It also features in the archives dating from the Belle Epoque or Art Deco years, on the preliminary designs for tiaras, brooches and necklaces.

The Chaumet Liens collection features the link which is, symbolically, the thread that attaches two beings and draws their destiny closer in a gesture of eternity and universality. It surprises us in its relation to the other, the others, to the world and even to itself. The affective and sentimental dimension of the jewel emerges here, marking the important stages and experiences of a life.

Watch as Chaumet introduces fine craftsmanship and sophisticated stylings with this re-imagined collection.