Hermès unveiled a permanent store in the Miami Design District an ongoing gentrification of the 18-square-block shopping district. Miami’s Design District has definitely set its mark as a leading luxury fashion destination with design houses and brands from all over the world wanting in on the action.

Saint Laurent, Loro Piana, Tod’s, Isabel Marant, Joseph, Alice & Olivia, Tory Burch, Sevan Biçakçı, Zilly, Creed, Aesop and sneaker store Be Miami recently signed leases to open stores in the district, according to Craig Robins, the area’s primary landlord.

The 13,000-square-foot Hermès flagship store in Miami is the third the company operates in the US, with stores on Madison Avenue in New York City and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

“For the French, Miami embodies the dream of a paradise, Miami has become one of the design capitals of the world and a hub for Latin America,” said Hermès’ CEO Axel Dumas.

The store consists of three floors with everything from leather goods, such as the iconic Birkin and Kelly handbags. The latest men’s collection, which is situated at the front of the space on the first floor, is part of Hermès’ new store concept. The Hermès flagship store in Miami is also the first store in the United States to have a shop-in-shop of Saint-Louis crystal, which has its own entrance.