Eyewear designer Thierry Lasry has teamed up for the very first time with Ali Madhavi to created a collection film entitled ‘Milky way’. In this film, sunglasses are more than a mere accessory, but an organic part of a woman’s beauty.

The milk, symbolizes the purity of birth and serves as a reminder of Cleopatra’s luxurious baths. Here, milk represents a natural screen to project the reflection of an image of the woman onto the woman herself. Without any special effects, fantasy is conceived to look as tasty as Thierry Lasry sunglasses are.

The Thierry Lasry ‘Milky Way’ film is the first video project for the designer who regularly collaborates with other content creators in all aspects of storytelling and design. “It was a challenging shoot,” said Lasry with a laugh, noting that you cannot really warm up the milk. The video will be used for social networks and in-store animations.

The song ‘The Golden Year’ was performed by Lolly Wish, and was recorded especially for this project.

The audio was composed and produced by Léonard Lasry, co-founder of the brand with his brother and a music producer of many creative projects.