Shop the new interactive Paule Ka Fall 2015 collection highlighted by subtle seventies vibes, match perfectly with Beaux-Arts interiors’ soft colors.

Dressed with a midi pleated skirt and a light shirt or with a two-tone black and white coat, she reveals her established elegance. More casual in a tweed polo dress or in an A-line dress, her natural ease always attract attention. In a long “Black Carpet” dress, she impresses, as a confident curator with a strong sense of style.

Under the watchful lens of young French director Gilles Estève, top model Eniko Mihalik breathes life into the Paule Ka Fall 2015 collection with her trademark confidence and sensuality. The young model and her radiant blue eyes glide into this chic 70’s inspired collection, which is staged inside the walls of the creative hive that is the Fine Arts School of Paris.