The Fendi Spring 2016 collection that celebrated an au courant power woman, one who announces her presence with graphic precision and often a crisp swish of sturdy fabric. And if the occasional whipstitched leather harness breastplate overstated the aura with unnecessary ardor, more often this lady swathed herself in smart, controlled chic.

Next to all this impressive show of sartorial strength, the designer brought in a bit of romantic volume via full sleeved poet shirts. The way he was able to lightly drape the fabric – which surprisingly was sometimes actually leather – was beautifully done and the allusion to a bow at the back of the neck made for a sweet touch. Often those tops were paired with leather romper shorts that really only belong on the stage. At times Lagerfeld opted to subtract rather than add, slicing circular strips from the waists of coats and dresses for graphic impact.

As for the accessories, they proved themselves to be some of the most adaptable items in the show, considering that most of the eye catching woven or leather flower embellished straps have been designed to be detachable. The dot on the new Dot Com bag wasn’t just for show; it fastened to a detachable inside clutch.  They will also be sold separately when they hit the Fendi stores.

Experience the atmosphere from the Fendi Spring 2016 runway show in Milan and take a closer look at the details from the collection.