When Christian Louboutin captured the essence of his iconic Red Sole in the first bottle of ...

September 2, 2015


When Christian Louboutin captured the essence of his iconic Red Sole in the first bottle of Rouge Louboutin, he introduced a new world of beauty. Rouge became the source of inspiration for a whole line of nail color, putting a spectrum of Pops, Noirs, and Nudes at every woman’s fingertips. Today, Christian Louboutin launches his first collection of lip colors.

To launch the third stage of his Rouge adventure, Christian Louboutin wasn’t inspired by lipstick as an object, but by the attitude it conveys. “When a woman carries a handbag, we look at her shoulders. When she slips on a pair of heels, we observe her walk. If she applies lacquer to her nails, we admire her hands. With its slow circular application, lip make up becomes a rich and sensual gesture. Whether accentuating or mattifying the lips, this little object has the ability to transform the entire face.

Fitting in with Christian Louboutin’s innovative vision of makeup representing an objet d’art, this talisman is mounted with a turret-like crown of silver and gold. This crown rests above a solid black body holding the emblematic red within. As for the other shades, the color will be encased in gold.

Lightly accented, it offers a subtle shade of colour enhanced by a luminous shine that suits everyone. Nine colors are available including Rouge Louboutin.

Louboutin Beauté Lip Color is created for the most precise application. Ergonomically designed, the lipstick body rests comfortably in the hand, enabling the wearer with control and grace. Christian Louboutin Lip Color will facilitate her own unique expression, offering three unique textures in a wide range of shades.

Christian Louboutin Beauté Lip Colour collection counts 38 shades. Ranging from the pure and innocent (hues of beige and pink) to the vampish (grape, crimson), many of the colours are named after iconic shoes and shades that Louboutin customers have previously encountered.

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