British designer Simone Rocha just opened her first ever boutique in London’s Mayfair at 93 Mount Street. The sunny 1,500 square-foot retail space spans two floors and features a controlled explosion of white, pink and plastic flowers, undulating shapes and Perspex angles.

Rocha said she is pleased that customers can finally see all of the details — the pearl-cluster brooches, embellished headbands, flocked scarves and her signature brogues, with their transparent Perspex heels, up close.

Rocha worked closely with her father, the designer John Rocha. She said he has always had a gift for how to make a space — even a small one — look big and inviting.

Rocha stripped back the store to its original features, revealing classical columns and lots of natural light. A conservatory space downstairs lets even more in, and the back door leads straight to Mount Street Gardens.

The ground-floor window is currently filled with an installation covered in Rocha’s characteristic pink flowers reflecting the mood and details of her Fall collection and it will change with the seasons. The color pink also pops on the small, curving resin display tables, the big onyx desk downstairs that serves as the cash register, and the spongy Neoprene shopping bags with their O-shaped handles.

Rocha has created a handful of quirky one-off exclusives for the store, including flat cookie-shaped pouches on display downstairs.

Rocha previously told WWD that Mount Street “feels like a really international place to be.”