The luxury footwear brand has just launch the Christian Louboutin Photo Filter App entitled Louboutinize, for iPhone user that allows fans and followers to add a unique Louboutin touch to their photos. The app launches with three exclusive filters intended to inspire creativity and fun.

Red became synonymous with Christian Louboutin after he ‘borrowed’ the nail varnish of his assistant and painted the soles of a shoe prototype with it. Users can paint the town red with the Rouge filter.

As a young man, Christian frequented the glamorous shows of Parisian cabaret Folies Bergère, and a shoe man was born. Users can swipe to choose from 1 of 7 pairs of legs at launch with the Legs filter. Choices include a ballerino, international burlesque star Dita von Teese and a sporty equestrian.

When Louboutin created his collection of nail colors, they were like nothing that had come before, from the 6.5” high stiletto cap to the beautifully faceted crystal bottles. That gem-like vessel, that infinitely reflects and refracts light, is the inspiration for the Crystallize filter.

The Christian Louboutin Photo Filter App allows users to shoot photos directly within the Louboutinize app or to upload images from their camera roll. Once the photo is Louboutinized, users will hear an engineering lightening bolt sound effect that signifies their phot is ready to be shared.

Additional Louboutinize filters, including one designed specially for the Louboutin Homme, will launch at a regular cadence beginning in September.

Download Louboutinize free at the iTunes app store here.