Beneath the azure sky bathed in light, the Maison contemplates the dancing reflections of the glimmering water with the Van Cleef & Arpels Seven Seas jewelry collection.

In a cascade of blues, the distinctive sparkles of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean stand alongside those of the Caspian and Arabian Seas. The far reaches of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean have inspired streams of light, while dazzling associations of materials evoke the Red and Black Seas. During this contemplative voyage, the Maison explores the sea’s multiple shades: from gradations of turquoise and emerald green to sparkling sunlight in the heat of the afternoon or moonbeams glittering on its mirrored waters.

Historic sapphires, crystalline emeralds, and again turquoises, aquamarines and Paraiba-like tourmalines, all these gems evoke gentle shores and gleaming reflections that are to be found in the summer-like matching of colours and materials: seabed teems with rubies, coral and red spinels, while evening brings a backwash of cultured pearls and onyx.

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