Creative Director Guillaume Henry delves deeper into his vision for the Nina Ricci Spring 2016 ...

July 27, 2015


Creative Director Guillaume Henry delves deeper into his vision for the Nina Ricci Spring 2016 collection by forwarding the intention expressed on the Fall runway debut while exploring and appreciating the depth of the House and its signatures and interpreting its spirit in modern ways.

The collection continues to define and build the Nina Ricci wardrobe. It underscores the various accents of the Maison’s signature femininity, at once sophisticated in a tailored coat, sultry in a dress with thin straps, sensual in tailored wide trousers, and relaxed elegance in an evening gown. Ease is asserted through constraint-free, straight dresses, while unlined pieces such as a fluid trench coat are examples that emphasize the extreme lightness throughout the collection. Necklines caressing the tip of the shoulders express natural and poetic charm.
Photographs by Thomas Lohr capture the attitude of a woman at different moments. Whether wide-angle or close-ups, they explore the intimacy of the clothing and the materials used to make it.

These images translate the truth behind rich motifs and precious textures, which are often mixed together: the density of tweed meets the transparency of organza, unlined 3D cloqué, iridescent sequins, all-over floral prints and embossed velvet… each fabric is worked by Henry’s hand in a singular way.

The Youkali, the Maison’s signature bag, comes in white this season, to reflect the essence of a fresh and delicate pre-collection. Novelties translate the ready-to-wear’s aesthetics and vocabulary. The Hirondelle and Pinson lines subtly blend pure forms and function, solid shapes and suppleness. Both styles are imbued with poetry in the way they’re carried, from day to evening.

An extensive shoe offer is proposed starting with Spring. It is consistent with the ready-to-wear’s elegance and simplicity. The timeless color palette and functional styles position the shoes as new essentials. The iconic heel is reinterpreted in a sling-back version, this season’s highlight piece. It underlines the lightness of the silhouette. A new style of cage sandal completes this airy allure with its fine lines.

The Calisto fringed bracelet adds relaxed elegance and conveys sensual femininity. This emblematic line, introduced for winter, is extended with two necklaces styles, linking the jewels even closer to the pre-collection. The agate reinterpretations of the range – a hand-treated semi-precious stone, ultimately capture the collection’s delicacy.


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