Featuring the Moncler Icelandic fairy tale campaign featuring model twins Lucky and Pyper in a Iceland among the rugged terrain and local habitants.

The campaign reads as a fairy tale as these two twins set off to explore unknown terrain.

The story begins as Lucky and Pyper entered the dark domain of the Ice Queen. The sovereign of the North fell in love with Lucky, with whom she felt an affinity because of his complexion, and the vague, feverish restlessness that possessed him. With her artfulness and enchanting charm, she took possession of his soul, enveloping him in a magical circle which suddenly managed to separate him from his twin, and actually wiped out any recollection of his sister at all.

Pyper was blown away by a terrible snowstorm and she was lost in the vast emptiness.  An astonishing white wolf suddenly appeared in front of her and walked alongside her with a protective air. In the meantime, Lucky was slowly beginning to recall his memory. The twins were reunited merely by listening to the echoes of the heart and the suggestions of that immeasurable gift they shared, the rarest and most exquisite treasure of all. With the help of a wise old man they boarded a small, fragile vessel that saved them from the revenge of the Queen, spiriting them away from her glassy kingdom. And from that day onward, they lived happily ever after.

Discover behind the scene of the campaign shot by Annie Leibovtiz.