The Mugler Les Exceptions fragrance collection reinterprets great blends of fine perfumery, transporting them to the future with overdosed ingredients and original notes. By boldly venturing into unlikely encounters with surprise ingredients, Mugler Les Exceptions upends tradition and explores universal genderless structures. Each fragrance category is remastered to incite metamorphosis, kindling intense olfactory emotions and rare sensations.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic classics to reveal them in a fresh light. Telling a new story—more beautiful, more powerful, more legendary than ever

Fougère, Floral, Chypre, Oriental, Leather, Musk… Mugler Les Exceptions draws together the greatest themes in traditional perfumery and remaster them. They explore new combinations and boldly create aromatic encounters with surprising ingredients, bringing these outstanding classic blends towards a new destiny full of present pleasures…
Each Eau de Parfum kindles its own intense emotion, a unique sensation. The sensation that its noble ingredients carry within them, the one its name declares.

Their universal simplicity is reflected in the unique and luxurious bottle. Subtly faceted and embellished with a metal band, the Art Deco-inspired jewel-bottle showcases the specific architectural elegance of the Maison Mugler.