For the Maison Marie Saint Pierre Atelier campaign, Creative director Klitos Teklos and photographer Miguel Reveriego capture Guinevere Van Seenus who’s feminine strength embodies the essence of the brand.

The brand is of strong substance, designed by a woman for women. It understands their modern life, aspirations and needs. Tension and contradiction have always been key elements for thought and creation. They push the imagination and inspiration. They provoke emotion and inspire travel and exposure to the world.

The Marie Saint Pierre muse is a modern-day heroine who lives, travels, learns and experiences. She is direct, engaging and intentional. Her power resides in her intelligence, allowing her to brightly achieve everything she sets her mind to. While being confident and daring, she is also human and aspirational.

“Our clients don’t wonder what the trends are, they wonder what to wear to conquer the world,” says the designer.

Discover the Marie Saint Pierre Atelier film campaign below as we are immersed in an unconventional portrait of this minimalist yet unique collection.