In 2015, the Christian Dior Diorshow makeup collection is re-conceived by Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior makeup.

The new Diorshow Mascara pumps up lashes with customized volume thanks to an oversized brush and microfiber-enriched formula that envelops and densifies them for an added-lashes look.with a new formula that visually reproduces the effect of false lashes added by backstage make-up artists. The range features a brand new “Air-Lock” anti-drying wiper that keeps the formula fresher longer. Its new-generation formula enriched with microfibres slips between lashes to create a denser yet natural lash look without clumping. The volume and intensity of the eyes increase with each sweep of the brush.

Heightened pigments and delicate colors serve to redefine customized eyes, thanks to the 5 Couleurs Designer palette from the new Diorshow range, which appears in six colorways calibrated in half-tones for a professional-worthy result.

Powdered eyelids, intense colors – the 5 Couleurs Designer palette, inspired by the House’s fashion shows, reinvents the art of faded shading. Whether Nude or pronounced, the eyes are set off with subtle tones, changing depending on time and desire, revealing by turns a natural glow or a sophisticated intensity. The gaze is given structure and lit up in five steps through a base, three eyeshadows boasting optimum hold thanks to their color-lock technology, and a liner, to create a customized sense of harmony. Subtle textures and half-tone colorways result in a Dior beauty essential, like a chic, shaded wink to a new femininity.