As a tribute Empress Josephine, a radiant woman who was passionate about the beauty of flowers and the magic of gardens, the Chaumet Hortensia collection lends profusion of color and generosity of form to both jewelry and high jewelry pieces.

In the collection film, we are immersed in the intimacy of a floral boudoir at dawn with a young lady collecting dew drops to illuminate her drawing to give life to a dreamlike jewel, the Hortensia ring.

The Chaumet Hortensia high jewellery collection is a fresh interpretation of the naturalistic style of jewelry that Chaumet embraced and became known for in the early and mid 1800s. The natural twists and whimsical meanderings of plant life captivated the romantic spirit of the 19th century, further enhanced by color, which was used to convey different emotions.

These exuberant Chaumet Hortensia jewels enlist color to add depth to their emotional message and capture the pristine beauty of a freshly plucked flower whose charm lies in the dainty disarray of its many blooms. The tightly packed clusters of little flowers in white-tinged angel-skin opal, tender pink sapphires and blush pink tourmalines with a dusting of diamond dew, express a young budding love, hesitant and delicate.