Carolina Herrera and her daughter Carolina Herrera de Baez have recently launched the most premium fragrance collection, Herrera Confidential.

Inspired by the rich heritage and qualities synonymous with Carolina Herrera, Herrera Confidential is the most premium collection of perfumes from the House of Herrera to date. Featuring six fragrances and four essentials oils of the finest quality and purity, the natural-based scents are intended to be used on the skin individually or mixed to personalize the fragrance experience. Carolina Herrera de Baez initiated the project to create a fragrance collection embodying the timeless sophistication and impeccable style of her mother. Drawing inspiration from the fragrances, Carolina Herrera designed a six piece ready-to- wear capsule with evening and day looks that mirror the story-telling of each scent.

The capsule, also being introduced in Dubai, not only represents the essence of Herrera Confidential but the haute- couture craftsmanship and pedigree known to Carolina Herrera’s New York-based atelier.“Dubai has a great appreciation for elegance and luxury — where craftsmanship and refinement in fashion or fragrance is understood and coveted, it’s the perfect global destination to launch my most premium fragrance collection,” noted Carolina Herrera.

Join Carolina Herrera de Baez and Carolina Herrera on this exclusive journey of scents, in which they reveal the fusion of scents and fashion.