Fendi celebrates the launch of the new Orchidea Spring 2015 Sunglasses Collection with Bad Dream, a special video featuring British singer/songwriter Chlöe Howl. The whimsical video takes its name from the singer’s upcoming new single to be released in May 2015 from her forthcoming album. The sunglasses were first seen on the runway in Milan paired with the house’s Spring 2015 collection, which featured the Orchid flower as its central motif.

The video highlights the Fendi Orchidea Sunglasses, showing them in a variety of different settings during the course of the singer’s dream. By displaying a product being used in different circumstances, a brand can highlight its versatility and appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Explore behind the scenes of Fendi ‘Bad Dream’ film campaign featuring Chlöe Howl  for the launch of the Spring 2015 collection of Fendi Orchidea sunglasses.