For the Bottega Veneta Resort 2016 collection, Tomas Maier kept adjusting his point of view. As ...

May 11, 2015


For the Bottega Veneta Resort 2016 collection, Tomas Maier kept adjusting his point of view. As Maier, he can only confirm his impression of clothes by seeing them on a model in a mirror, the better to catch the overall effect his looks make. That’s the perspective that allows Maier to make the myriad adjustments to proportion and line and flow that give his Bottega Veneta clothes their sense of effortless specialness.

“The starting point for Cruise is an energizing color palette intended to offset the seasonal weather, and the concern for not having to wait to wear clothes,”says Creative Director Tomas Maier. “The Collection emphasizes relaxed clothing that can be worn right away, while indulging the wearer with their own experience to discover the details.”

The collection featured patchwork-pleated skirts and dresses here, with their shards of black fabric that served to visually winnow the waist. Elsewhere, Maier played a similar trick with his high-waist trousers of lightweight wool gabardine, color-blocking them above the hip to give a slouchy attitude. The trousers were one silhouette in this collection’s fine range of tailoring, a theme that Maier emphasized; there were also sportier takes on masculine garb, such as trim leather bombers and track jackets pieced together from multicolor swatches of suede or the high-end activewear fabric also used in blouses and abbreviated A-line skirts. Maier’s graphic use of color was the obvious through-line, among these very varied looks. The real continuity of this collection was to be found in the make of the clothes, with luxe transitional-weight fabrics and unlined coat construction endowing everything with a sense of movement and ease.


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