Super by Retrosuperfuture Summer 2015 Vacanze Italiane represents the essence of the peninsula’s long summer days, heavenly  turquoise coasts and timeless style: it is flirty, ironic, playful and relentlessly adventurous.

Looking back at the imagery of italian holidays, the brand’s designers have selected some of the most memorable and iconic elements of the country’s popular culture. From the beloved scooters speeding around torrid narrow streets to convertibles roaming the coastline’s winding roads, from delicious gelati and sicilian granitas to passionate summer loves, night swimming and warm breezes, the classy iconography of italian summer vacations has been poured into an exciting collection of gorgeous and luscious eyewear.

Remaining true to its distinctive style and meticulous research process, Super by Retrosuperfuture’s Summer 2015 Vacanze Italiane collection presents an eclectic combination of style, technical research, upto- date design and quality craftsmanship for a unique series of frisky and distinctly italian contemporary eyewear.

Featuring new styles such as Costiera, Amalfitana, Ponente, Levante, Drew Mama Maria, Ciao, Amarena and Smeralda.

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