Shop the new interactive Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2015 collection presentation embracing the notion of trompe-l’oeil with designs that deceive the eye using dimensional color blocking. Creative Director, Sandra Choi, was inspired by American artist James Turrell’s work that plays with light and space creating images that aren’t what they seem at first glance, eluding the eye and challenging perceptions.

“I was inspired by the brightness and the way the light is projected. The key was to keep the shoes simple and to form perspective with different tones and colors.”

Just as James Turrell plays with light to manipulate human perception, Choi created a collection that uses color blocking, cutouts and contrasting textures to create 3-D effects that catch the eye. There is even a Candy bag meant to look like neon lights splashed across the front and back. Choi says of the bags: “They are a tongue-in-cheek play on neon lights.” There won’t be a single gloomy day in fall with these accessories on hand.