The new Giorgio Armani Frames of Life 2015 ad campaign tells the story of five characters, each different in their origin, culture and experience. First there is Kelly who shares with us his  love for Italy, then Anna, who grew up in the Finnish frozen forests, Melodie, who embodies the beautiful culture of Martinique, Maximiliano shares with us his passion for Argentina and Maaya who shows us her favorite places in Tokyo. True for all of them is that although they might come from distant parts of the world, their daily lives are framed by eyewear that underline each person’s unique beauty.

“The Frames of Life collection is dedicated to these special characters and to those who, like them, want to see the world with their hearts and souls and not just their eyes. Because glasses are a way to capture the succession of unique instants that form our lives,” said Armani.

Every day is a succession of events that pass before our eyes and inevitably shaping our lives and the brand wants you to share one of yours with them. One individual will then have the chance to become the sixth character of the campaign.