The Tiffany & Co. 2015 Blue Book collection, the jeweler’s annual publication that showcases the world’s most spectacular jewels, has been arriving at customers’ homes since 1845, was recently celebrated. Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812–1902) designed it as a personal communication and service to his customers. Over time the book grew to include glossy photographs and a Tiffany Blue® cover, the distinctive robin’s-egg blue that famously graces the jeweler’s boxes. This vibrant hue is today an international symbol of style and sophistication.

The Blue Book archive forms a detailed chronology of the jeweler’s role in the evolution of American design, as well as Mr. Tiffany’s reputation for luxury and the most beautiful diamonds on earth. Earlier editions of Blue Book include French and Spanish Crown Jewels remounted in Tiffany settings, marking the first appearance of important diamonds in the U.S., and an astonishing array of jewels that won gold medals at the great world’s fairs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Blue Book 2015 rises to meet this unparalleled legacy of beauty and excellence with a collection inspired by “The Art of the Sea.” Design Director Francesca Amfitheatrof sets Tiffany diamonds in electrifying motion—spinning in whirlpools, cascading in waterfalls and dancing like moonlight on the waves. Her jewels of colorful gemstones are equally dynamic—blossoming in undersea gardens and swirling like pebbles polished by wind and water.

This magnificent collection debuts at a gala in New York in April 2015, when the next chapter of Blue Book unfolds with Amfitheatrof’s brilliant vision of the sea sparkling in masterpieces of the jeweler’s art.