Discover the unique savoir-faire behind Mademoiselle Privé embroidered by Maison Lesage, a timepiece of rare sophistication crafted by Chanel Horlogerie in association with the artisans of Maison Lesage. This French artisanal embroidery house has supplied creations for the most recognized names in Haute Couture for nearly a century.

Chanel presents Mademoiselle Privé embroidered by Maison Lesage, a unique collection of precious timepieces featuring a sophisticated hand-embroidered dial. Lesage craftsmen re-imagine Mademoiselle Chanel’s signature flower in silk and gold thread, adding artisan embellishment to an exceptional watch. The latest Mademoiselle Privé watch carries Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite camellia, in a design minutely worked in gold and silk thread. The one-off piece pushes haute couture fusion even further, doing away with the gold crown altogether in a unique diamond-rimmed casing.

This series features a limited-edition 18-piece collection.