The Maison’s iconic codes are constantly re-interpreted in the Boucheron Quatre Classique jewelry collection which embodies the excellence of the craftsman and gold sculptor. These modern and boldly designed jewels offer a distinctively striking combination of golds and textures.

This collection was created in 2004 and has since been reinterpreted through four bracelets where Boucheron presents a number, a symbol. Four, the figure stands for stability, construction, fidelity.

The Godron pattern is the first iconic design of the House based on the alliance of several gold rings. Second stage, Parisian studs which show that there still is a strong inspiration between the City of Lights and the creations of the House. Contemporary graphic design that creates a timeless ring and gives the woman a discreet Parisian touch. Then comes the ring paved with diamonds, light stone light- reflecting a unique know-how of the workshops with the “crimping mirror”. Set with pavé diamonds, this version of the Quatre Classique represents a bold and visually striking aesthetic. Golden reflections that dazzle the eyes of a loving glance, the classic Four ring reflects a modern and cosmopolitan sensuality.

Hammering and chiselling on gold finish the ring with a moving dynamism and clarity, just like a crown.
Bold , elegant, sophisticated and full of energy, this collection is designed for exceptionnal women and men who build their destiny, showing a conviction that animates them.