Adidas Originals introduces another collaboration with style icon Rita Ora for the Spring 2015 season.

The “Super Pack” collection is part of the ongoing collaboration the iconic sportswear brand has had with the stylish artist where the pieces are fun, colorful and full of energy. Packed with bold primary colors and ambitious patterning, pop art á la Lichtenstein or Warhol are easily recalled when viewing the women’s collection.

The range itself is comprised of a range of silhouettes from simple leggings and hoodies to more conspicuous jumpsuits and hybrid knit-mesh jerseys. This new range features a variety of footwear and apparel that brings a new flavor to the Three Stripes’ classic sportswear aesthetic. Pop art prints give the pieces a retro feel but contemporary cuts and silhouettes gives them a streetwear edge and a modern look.

Shop the collection here.