Designing with portraits from the Italian Renaissance in mind, the Alberta Ferretti Fall 2015 collection had romance, femininity, a little mystery and imagination, all the things that make up good lore, yet the interpretation was not wholly modern and was perhaps a touch too literal: There was a red hood, trimmed in crimson fur on a puckered princess-cut coat with a zip front for a little sporty panache. Whether it will be used for riding is up to the woman who wears it.

Ferretti makes beautiful, feminine things, such as the group of filmy, ivory chiffon and organza peasant blouses with blouson sleeves, high ruffled necklines and traditional lace embellishments. One particularly crafty version looked to be made of exquisite, circular knit lace with doily trim. Paired with a white skirt with contrasting black lace and a neat, cropped jacket with black stitching, the look represented a daydream outfit that could easily cross over to reality. Likewise, the sweeping crotchet knits, ethereal black-and-white lace gowns and short dresses with elaborate embroideries that reflected the deep, fiery tones of dawn and dusk. But some of the heftier looks — the floor-length tapestry jacquard skirts in particular — were too folkloric to make it out of the woods.