Bottega Veneta presents its latest creative collaboration through a unique endeavor that seemingly brings Tomas Maier’s Spring 2015 collection for the brand to life. The Bottega Veneta “Emotion of Sound” film is the centerpiece of a unique initiative designed to emotionally engage and indulge the senses.

“Emotion of Sound”, is a brief and exhilarating moment in time, an artistic narrative that seamlessly echoes the underlying philosophies of the brand, drawing from the sensory element of sound to captivate and connect with the viewer on a different level. An assortment of sounds captured from the Italian atelier of Bottega Veneta and the pieces they put forth that often go unheard, or simply unnoticed, are innovatively combined, lending to a completely original discovery.

Creative collaboration lies at the heart of Bottega Veneta, born of the give-and-take between designer and artisan that informs both design and craftsmanship of the brands leather goods, it inspires the selection of extraordinary partners with whom Bottega Veneta works to evolve the collection, and has become a hallmark of its advertising campaigns, produced together with exceptional artists who bring their unique perspectives to the portrayal of Bottega Veneta.

“Sound can be a very intriguing sense, and just as other senses highly personal. It can convey a lot about its source and can trigger imagination unique to the individual,” said Maier. “It can convey a lot about its source and can trigger imagination unique to the individual. I was interested in exploring this through the creation of something utterly unique, and could not be more impressed with the result of this collaboration.”

The company will screen the video as part of an installation at its Tokyo Ginza store running March 7th through 16th. The installation will also feature an interactive component in which customers can see their own silhouettes transformed into animated Bottega Veneta-clad dancers that move across a screen.