The inspiration behind the Rupert Sanderson Spring 2015 ad campaign is taken broadly from Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis movement of the 80s. The vibe of the era allowed us to create something that was very bold and bright, strongly familiar and somehow reminiscent of hot summers.

Sanderson says: “We thought it would be wonderful to take Sottsass’s Memphis as our creative point of departure so to speak, and give our own particular spin on that aesthetic. What that era represents in terms of creative and design aesthetic feels very current and lends itself perfectly to this collection.”

The architectural backdrop of simple shapes, colours and textures give a great impression of clash and collision. They allow the shoes to really be the heroes and leap out because they are in such great contrast to the strong, fluid, three-dimensional forms.

The tones, greens and blues, oranges and yellows, are spot on ‘80s’. Fragmented black plastic adds exactly the right amount of drama to each of the compositions. The chrome pillow screen looks to an earlier period of Italian 50s furniture, a favourite with its reflective qualities adding an extra dimension. This, combined with the crisp lighting make the shoes zing!