The Christian Dior Miss Dior Film Campaign was finally unveiled. Directed by Anton Corbijn in which the actress Natalie Portman embodies a Miss who’s modern, exciting and adventurous.

The story of a young woman who takes control of her fate and asserts her own identity: “It’s Miss, actually”,  she says smiling to the majordomo who’s handed her a bouquet on this the morning of her wedding. Natalie Portman, the face of the Miss Dior  perfume since 2011, here plays the role of an utterly contemporary young woman, amorous but emancipated.  A Miss who resembles she herself, free to decide her own destiny. For the actress’ delicate beauty hides an indomitable determination. Having conquered Hollywood while studying psychology at the prestigious Harvard University, she combines international star wattage with charity work, and has just filmed her first movie as a director. In front of the camera of Anton Corbijn – the director of music videos for Depeche Mode and Arcade Fire, and Control,  a biopic of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis – she embodies a modern heroine, in a bold campaign that’s both romantic and action-filled.

The new Miss Dior we discover today is seized with a love of life, in full, feverous transformation. She remains the same charming and impertinent young woman, smelling of rose, jasmine and mandarin, the same caught dreaming in an haute couture dress in the elegant setting of 30 Avenue Montaigne. And so Miss Dior  reveals an unexpected face, as a liberty-loving woman of today. Before the altar, casting off romantic convention, she surprises everyone by fleeing, pulling off her couture wedding dress to reveal a sexy black minidress, running to the rocking rhythm of a track by Janis Joplin. “Miss Dior is now entering a new phase, she’s changing. She’s seeking freedom”,  explains Natalie Portman. “She chooses love, she runs to it.”  Her race ends in adventure: facing the Mediterranean, this intrepid Miss finds the man she loves and flies away with him in a helicopter heading to Paris. Back to where it all began. Where, one February morning in 1947, Christian Dior charmed women with a chypre fragrance, one that has forever remained the scent of freedom.