Bergdorf Goodman showcases an Alexander Wang pop-up experience, offering exclusive access to ...

February 3, 2015

Bergdorf Goodman showcases an Alexander Wang pop-up experience, offering exclusive access to the sneaker-inspired Spring 2015 collection. The experience features a pop-up store, modeled after the set of the Spring 2015 Runway Show, as well as two windows on Fifth Avenue that evoke a bedroom-like settings of an sneaker head. To further compliment these displays, the Alexander Wang Bar Code logo was projection onto the Fifth Avenue façade of Bergdorf Goodman. Visit the pop-up, on the fifth floor of Bergdorfs, now on display through March.

Wang said Bergdorf approached him about a special project for Spring, riffing on his collection that was based on five iconic sneakers. “They wanted to make it a holistic approach when the collection shipped, with the windows and the luxury room,” said Wang. “We had the idea to theme it around the bedroom of a sneaker head.”

A special USB with a playlist by DJ Jesse Marco, who often travels with Wang, is complimentary with purchases of more than $500. The Luxe Room installation features four oversize rectangular vertical planks bearing the barcode logo set on rubber base and are set with mannequins in spring looks.

Upstairs on 5F, the pop-up will emulate Wang’s Spring runway set with black and gray-speckled performance rubber floor and walls meant to feel like a gymnasium and a giant white Alexander Wang barcode logo to crown the display.

Wang, who has been steadily evolving his collection toward a true designer-level direction for a while, was excited to follow in the fellow sporty footsteps of Chanel’s 5F experience. “To get the Fifth Avenue windows and a whole installation in the Luxe Room is a very big deal for us,” said Wang. “With this collection, there’s so much handwork, to really be able to display it in that kind of environment, we’re so honored.”


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