The creation of the Christian Dior DiorMontaigne eyewear collection takes us off on a voyage, ...

January 13, 2015


The creation of the Christian Dior DiorMontaigne eyewear collection takes us off on a voyage, from Paris to the Venetian hinterland. It all starts in the design studio, a few steps from 30 Avenue Montaigne, the House’s historic address from which they take their name. It’s here that their lines and each detail that gives them their unique look is designed and defined. Their contemporary style is in that same spirit that emanates from Raf Simons’ work. A grosgrain ribbon is rendered in transparency, alluding to the labels sewn inside the garments, just as the oval, another emblematic code, punctuates the arms. Once the design has been finalized on paper it’s time to decide on the colors of the future glasses. For the Christian Dior DiorMontaigne the superposition of acetates of different hues give a nod to the voluminous layering of fabrics on the construction of the House’s dresses. Sober nuances of black, tortoiseshell and crystal are lit up with touches of electric blue, bright yellow and pure violet.

The story continues not far from Venice, in a region boasting a generations-old specialization in the making of glasses. In the Italian ateliers, the initial sketch is first developed into a 3-D form. Then in the hands of the on-site craftspeople the glasses begin to take shape. The different slices of acetate are superimposed and fixed together by hand, then cut out using laser to form the front and the arms. Using precise and controlled actions, the structural hinges are inserted into the frame, which is then polished and buffed to a shine, before adding the Christian Dior plaque and the metallic ovals, which act as discreet signatures. Meticulously assembled by hand, the DiorMontaigne  glasses are now ready to grace the eyes with their couture allure.


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