In celebration of Belstaff’s 90 years of speed, style and adventure, the brand’s exposes an insight into the process of waxing their iconic jackets.

Founded in 1924, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire England, with the innovation of the first water resistant wax cotton, Belstaff quickly became embraced by a group relishing the freedom and daring that the fabrics allowed. Over the years, the great and the good have worn the brand from historical titans T.E. Lawrence, Amelia Earhart and Che Guevara to more modern names like David Beckham, Jemma Kidd, Sarah Jessica Parker and British trial racer Sammy Miller. Belstaff’s classic belted 4-pocket jacket became an instantly recognizable stable for the racing set throughout the 20th Century.

The waxed jackets and boots are a product of great craftsmanship and expertise, ensuring durable, weatherproof pieces that wear better with age.