Add a chirpy note to the holiday season with the new Fendi QuTweet limited-edition collection. Iconic, exotic and ironic, the special capsule is inspired by the cute tropical birds and graphic origami effect. The perfect holiday gift to fly towards warmer moments.

“I was in Brazil and saw amazing tropical birds with beautifully coloured feathers, ”said Silvia Venturini Fendi, the inspiration behind the tropical bird effect. “We call the creatures in the collection Bag Bugs and they are so fun.” The wide-eyed, wild-haired pom-pom bugs have since become fashion’s most accredited guest – they were ubiquitous throughout fashion week, recognizable by their menacing brows and paneled noses.

Featuring a fun collection filled with colorful birds that come emblazoned on everything from bags, clutches and key rings adorned with graphic prints, animal sketches and exotic flower motifs.