The MM6 Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2015 collection channeled a street vibe, working three themes: Shelter, The Great Outdoors and Indoor Clothing, as in looks inspired by lingerie and pajamas.

The collection featured boxy tarpaulin pieces and hefty climbing-rope and grommet details with savvy branding in tops and dresses emblazoned with the phrase “More than just your favourite MM6.” Elsewhere there were apron shapes, extraterrestrial landscape prints, and standouts in the way of cozy sweater dressing. The considerable volume of some pieces—an oversize plum tuxedo jacket and structured dresses.

Margiela featured the destruction of things that are lived-in was well represented. That slogan was missing a few letters here and there, a flocked polka-dot-print dress came bearing doodles and some worn-away spots. And there were paint spatters aplenty, on everything from dresses to one beautiful shearling jacket-denim vest hybrid that summed up the collection neatly: utilitarian but elegantly off yet wearable.