To mark the occasion of the brand’s 250th anniversary, Baccarat is now offering ...

November 25, 2014


To mark the occasion of the brand’s 250th anniversary, Baccarat is now offering collectors the very essence of a timeless heritage with the Rouge 540 fragrance. Available in a limited and numbered edition of only 250, this woody amber floral fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian supremely embraces Baccarat’s timeless values in an exquisite crystal jewel box designed by Georges Chevalier in 1940. Raw material, fire and centuries of experience come together to create a fragrance that dazzles like a blazing sun, casting the light of excellence on all its facets, from the olfactory notes to the bottle design to reflect the Baccarat spirit.

The bottle, produced by Baccarat craftsmen from an archive drawing, proves itself to be a shining example of modernity. With its pure lines, volume, transparency and damask waves, the style ripples outwards as it transcends both fashions and decades.

Only 250 examples have been produced in the Baccarat workshops, making this engraved, fine-gold gilded jewel box a work of art. A sheer concentrate of history and light, each flacon is sealed with a baudruche to protect the precious fragrance inside.

At the heart of this precious container is a flowery, woody fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian: a luminous, dense scent, which is transparent and intense. “I wanted to create a graphic fragrance with a formula that was taut and compact in the extreme,” says Kurkdjian, creator of Rouge 540. This woody, amber floral essence is a combination of several different notes. A hint of tonic citrus. A hint of refreshing fresh air. A mineral hint of ambergris. A woody hint of a freshly felled tree trunk. The fresh burst of a head note of orange and citrus peel is followed by the solid heart of a great classic. Francis Kurkdjian is fascinated by the way crystal is produced and has made every effort to capture the power and sparkle of the process, in all its opulence and precision reaching poetic alchemy. Molten crystal inspired him to create this highly structured composition, which bursts forth as a flash of blood orange, in a constellation of oak moss, lavender and sage.

The fragrance awakens the senses with its delicate crystal and the traces of fruitiness it leaves in its wake.


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