Leather goods brand Valextra has opened its first American boutique at 833 Madison Avenue in New York. The move comes on the heels of the CEO appointment of Alessandra Bettari.

Bettari tapped architect Marco Costanzi to design the 1,291-square-foot space, which sits next to Akris, Chloé and fellow Italian import Prada. The store marks the beginning of a new retail concept for the brand — less minimal, more Italian opulence. “The store concept includes materials that are typical of the Milanese architecture,” explained Bettari. “We use brass, which is very prevalent in the Milanese architecture of the 1920s, as well as our own leather. This design has some regality, as well as warmth.” In addition to brass and leather, the interior will feature floors made of Ceppo di Gre, a stone typically used in building facades.

Capitalizing on the desire for personalization, full bespoke services will be offered on the store’s second floor. “I really believe that each single item that Valextra sells should have your name,” she said. “You are the logo. This is your bag.”

The bespoke aspect will also incorporate Valextra’s new technology push, offering an app that allows users to see and play with different customization offerings. “We like old things, but doing them in a completely new way,” Bettari said of the app. Valextra will also be launching e-commerce in January. The concept will begin to roll out worldwide with a boutique in Hong Kong opening in December.