Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz presents two new Petite Heure Minute timepieces, in collaboration with watercolorist Stéphanie Barba and in honor of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.

As a watercolorist, she looked out from the shore, capturing the coastline in its ever-changing procession of moods. From fleeting landscapes, barely glimpsed yet already transformed, her watchful gaze sought the same transience in human movement.

A portfolio of twenty sketches was created, inspired by The Rite of Spring, to which the brand’s artisans selected two. First, “The Vulture,” a magnificent opening of the dancer’s body and one of the movements most characteristic of Béjart’s choreography: “It takes us back to the beginning of time; Stravinsky’s music is like the sound of a relentlessly pounding hammer – primitive, threatening, troubling and heavy.” Then, “The Chief,” a sketch in red chalk taken from the moment in the ballet when two men fight to rule the tribe. “Rather like a conflict between rutting stags. The music soars, clashes, falls, resumes, concluding triumphantly when the winner becomes the new chief.”

To give Stéphanie Barba’s drawings full expression, Jaquet Droz chose the dial of the Petite Heure Minute. Its design, unique to the brand, and the generous space it provided would bring the sketches alive.

Available in white gold with a 39 mm diameter and diamond-set lugs and case, together with a blue alligator strap to further enhance the diamonds, the timepiece featuring the Vulture is set to become a model of genuine distinction. The 43 mm version in red gold with a brown crocodile leather strap shows the red-chalk sketch of the Chief and will appeal to those who harbor the soul of a leader.

The drawings are painted by hand on the enamel dials and engraved on the oscillating weights, making these pieces true works of art. There are 28 pieces of each.