The German Montblanc brand has created ScreenWriter, an iPad app that lets you effortlessly capture your thoughts and share them with the people you love. It combines the joy and simplicity of writing by hand with the power of digital.

The app allows users to try out different Montblanc pens and ink colors, as well as learn about the products that the brand offers. Highlighted writing instruments such as the Montblanc Screenwriter will bring the brand into the digital world and will likely reach younger generations who may not be familiar with Montblanc’s offerings.

“Writing by hand continues to be an important source of self-expression, even more so in the digital world,” said Mike Giannattasio, president/CEO of Montblanc North America,

“In addition to developing a writing instrument like the Montblanc StarWalker Extreme ScreenWriter that combines our heritage of writing culture with new technologies, the exclusively developed Montblanc ScreenWriter App provides our customers with a personalized digital writing experience on their electronic devices,” he said. “The App enables the user to share handwritten words with his beloved ones. Even if it’s send via e-mail or shared via social media the personal note of handwriting stays the same.”