The leather goods house – and official supplier to the Belgian royal family – has chosen the Galerie de Valois in Paris, a few steps away from Daniel Buren’s famous columns, to open a new store set to carry everything from the label’s signature classics to its latest must-haves.

The new Delvaux boutique in the Palais Royal, located at 19 rue de Valois, showcases the brand’s new store concept, created by the Luxemburg-based artists Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil. Their original concept was first implemented in the Galerie de la Reine store by the architectural firm Vudafieri Saverino Partners. Inspired by the unconventional elegance and spirit of Delvaux, the artists conceived a sensual and sophisticated interior replete with feminine curves and references to classicism.

Since 1815, the location has had only three owners. Delvaux’s predecessors were engravers to the kings of France and to Europe’s aristocracy.  Among the early owners was the engraver commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to create the « Armorial of the Empire », the imperial collection of coats of arms acquired by Delvaux along with heraldic wax seals and matrices, all crafted on the original site itself and all of which have been preserved in the architecture of the boutique.  Also part of the shop’s interior architecture are a 19th century cast-iron stairway that once graced the cinematography studio of the Lumière brothers, as well as beautiful mosaic tiles dating from the same period.

Blending classic period references like the central spiral staircase and mosaic floor, with more contemporary minimalist furniture, the store will carry signature pieces from the label created back in 1829, including Le Madame, Le Brillant, Le Tempête and Le Pin, alongside the latest collection, inspired by the North pole – think white fur, leather and horn buckles.