A pioneer of natural beauty, Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Rouge Ecstasy lipstick collection is the epitome of these exacting standards of excellence: a lightweight yet pigment-rich, avant-garde texture, bold and vibrant colors, perfect hold, moisturizing, protective care, down to the impeccably elegant, magnetic red case. From this outstanding range is born Black Ecstasy mascara.

With Black Ecstasy and three new lipstick shades for Rouge Ecstasy and Lip Maestro, beauty is entering a new dimension.

Giorgio Armani Beauty is revealing the must-have mascara for an intense gaze with Black Ecstasy. A multi-effect mascara in deep shades with a lacquered red wand. Gracefully thicker, denser and longer lashes: the Giorgio Armani Beauty innovation sculpts high definition lashes. The gaze becomes deep and mysterious. Black Ecstasy features a sophisticated texture with the perfect association of rich pigments and a lightweight coat on the lashes. A unique bare lash sensation. An innovative formula with a precision glide that structures and opens up the eyes in a single stroke.

After creating red excellence with signature lipsticks and iconic formulas, Giorgio Armani Beauty is expressing the symbol of seduction, Hollywood glamour and strong and bold femininity with three vibrant shades beautifully enhanced by two Armani signature texture effects: Lip Maestro, and Rouge Ecstasy. Two textures, two exclusive formulas, one ideal: the perfect harmony between color, moisture and a bare lips sensation. Three bright new reds; ultra-feminine, warm and powerful, inspired by the most precious spices from around the world. From pure red to vermilion passing through brick red, halftones infused with pigments for a journey to the heart of seduction: “Spice”, “Orient”, and “Sultan”.

Rouge Ecstasy, the meeting of skincare, comfort and bright color. The ready-to-wear lipstick, Lip Maestro is a luminous matte red lacquer, intense and incredibly soft, a sumptuous fusion texture, a velvety sensation.

Rouge Ecstasy is priced at $36 meanwhile the Black Ecstasy mascara is $38. The collection is now available at exclusive retailers and specialty stores.