Rêves d’Ailleurs is a voyage into the wondrous world of Boucheron jewels, taking you on a journey to a land of dreams and a tribute to the different countries that influenced the Boucheron creation over the years. Extraordinary stones full of stories will be presented, such as a 188 carat emerald that once belonged to a Maharajah or two cabochon sapphires which adorn the Trésor de Perse necklace. Their manufacturing required more than a thousand hours of work from the Craftsmen of the House, the Hands of Light.

This collection transports us from the dazzling sun-drenched colors of Persia, to the warm hypnotic waters of the Sea of Japan, from the erudite artistic lands of China to the lush gardens and sparkling fountains of India and finally to the frozen crystal purity of Russia. This is truly an invitation to the far confines of a mysterious Orient, a world of dreams, that the jeweler hands us.

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